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How to Avoid the New Year's Resolution Trap

New years resolution goal setting, fitness motivation

Happy New Year! That's right, January 1st has arrived and there is lots of talk about starting 2019 off right with a New Year's Resolution; but does it surprise you that 80% of resolutions are dropped before February? It's true! Recent studies have found that only 8% of people are actually successful in achieving their goals. Every year people start the year with great intentions, wanting to be healthier, happier or wealthier then the year before. The motivation is high to totally turn our lives around starting January 1st; we plan, make commitments and are ready to overcome any & every obstacle. But that's where we go wrong. It's not realistic to pretend that we can totally erase the past and become a new person overnight.

That's why I believe that it's more important to make a Lifestyle Resolution.Health and fitness is a marathon, not a race.

Here are a few tips.......

1. Don't try to tackle everything at once- It's easy to become overwhelmed and lose motivation if you try to change everything at once. Instead, setting realistic daily, weekly or monthly lifestyle and fitness goals generates better long term results. I always suggest to start with the goals that are the easiest to implement first; that way the success of accomplishing that goal will help fuel the motivation moving forward.

2. Circle of Influence- Surround yourself with like minded, positive people. Did you know that the 5 people you spend the most time with will effect your results? So set boundaries and don't be afraid to remove negative people from your life. You deserve to have positive influences that support you on your journey. You can also invite friends and family to join you; Those who sweat together, stay together!

3.Change your mindset~ Exercise is a celebration of what you can do, not a punishment for what you did. Always take time to reflect. Assess and look back on how far you have come. Be proud of your achievements; however how small they may be, they are still significant. Every obstacle you encounter is a lesson learnt that will help positively shape your future.

4. Working with or meeting a Personal Trainer is a great way to receive professional advice and guidance. A complimentary consult will allow you to discuss your goals and ask questions. It will provide you with an assessment to see what types of exercises or stretches are needed for the best results and will provide you with suggestions & tips to tackle lifestyle goals such as nutrition, sleep and stress.


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